About us

About us

Drewa- Process automation


Our development is based on activities which in the first place assume a full understanding of the employer’s needs, including, most of all, a thorough analysis of the technology subject to automation, and then proposing a comprehensive solution to the problem – ending with a joint “turning the key”.

Self-reliant execution

Another basic assumption is that we do all the work “with our own hands”, sometimes we only sub-contract wiring in a facility.


The variety of areas in which we successfully operate results from the multiplicity of Employers who have trusted us and have not lost this trust for years and entrusted us with their consecutive contracts.


Drewa company was established in 2003, however the beginnings of the engineering group which formed its core date back to 1990 and Elimp company then active in the “pool and water” industry. The essential share of this industry in current operations is not a coincidence.