Experience, competence and flexibility in action

Who are we?

We are an engineering company specializing in industrial automation.

Our main advantages are experience and professionalism as well as flexibility in operation.


What do we offer?

We offer comprehensive services

starting from an analysis of technology, through design, up to commissioning and staff training.


IT Systems

We specialize in database systems, SCADA, BMS using VPN networks and fibre optic, radio-modem, Wi-Fi and GPRS transmissions. We integrate our software with the User’s existing systems.

Thermal technologies

We implement control systems for thermal processes. We have experience in the field of control systems for thermal treatment of materials in gas atmospheres and in vacuum. Our systems control, among others, vacuum furnaces used for soldering, cleaning and hardening metals.

Water and sewage

Many years of experience in automation of water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants allow us to make control systems covering all technological stages.

Automation in industry

We implement control systems in industrial plants, covering, among others, automation and transport logistics on production lines, robotized palletizing stations, machine control.

Power engineering

We offer designs and completion in the field of industrial power engineering. We design and manufacture LV and MV switchboards, converter systems – inverters and thyristor-based power controllers. We have experience with converter-based systems controlling loads with rated power up to 1 MVA.


Swimming pools

We have many years of experience in automatic control of water treatment systems for swimming pools. We also provide control systems for recreation zones, sound systems, ventilation and boiler rooms. We create visualization of processes in entire facilities as well as electronic customer service systems.